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Digital transformation: 4 kinds of people crucial to success

nguyencongvu     04/01/2020     People & Organization

Your digital transformation efforts will need people who can play four critical roles. Here’s how to identify, reward, and retain them Digital transformation is about more than the technology needed to create the transformation: In fact, the technology typically takes a back seat to the other capabilities needed to make your digital transformation a success. […]

What is Digital Transformation and what does it mean for SMEs?

nguyencongvu     04/01/2020     Business Strategy

What on earth is “digital transformation” anyway? It sounds like something only top tech firms indulge in, correct? Not really. Plenty of small and medium-sized businesses are getting involved in digital transformation to stay ahead of the curve. Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into the various systems and processes that you use […]

Why Digital Transformation Feels So Difficult

nguyencongvu     04/01/2020     Business Strategy

In the sequel to Alice in Wonderland, “Through the Looking Glass,” Alice steps through a mirror and enters a world in which logic is entirely reversed. Up is down, down is up, and running as fast as you can only makes you stay exactly where you are. If the latter effect — frantically running and […]

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